Placement Fee


The Placement Fee we charge to home one of our puppies is different for each litter, and it depends on many factors. Those include, without being limited to:

  • Longevity behind the parents’ lineage
  • Quality of parents’ pedigrees
  • Health clearances on the parents
  • Conformation & working titles on the parents
  • DNA testing on the puppies
  • DNA testing

Another factor we take into account is the current prices of Dobermans in Ontario, Canada and North America. Sadly, as your research may have already taught you, there are several types of breeders. From the bottom of the barrel (puppy mills with exquisite Instagram accounts) to the top of the mountain (DPCC- and CKC-registered breeder who health-test and title the parents), and including a wide variety of backyard breeders in-between, finding a healthy Doberman puppy from a responsible and ethical breeder in Ontario is quite the task for a first-timer.


We strongly recommend to NEVER send a deposit until you have done your due diligence, and you feel the breeder has done their own due diligence too. A breeder who brings up the word “deposit” on the first call or in the first email is likely a puppy mill. No responsible and ethical breeder would ever take a deposit without having reviewed a potential home’s application, having interviewed them, and if possible met them. No responsible and ethical breeder would agree to send their puppy to a pure stranger, without any screening whatsoever. DO NOT BE DESPERATE when you search for your Doberman puppy, or you will be taken advantage of by unscrupulous Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders with pretty Instagram pics and a suave sales pitch.


Until 2022, Kin Doberman has NEVER had more than a single litter in a year, and we are the only DPCC- and CKC- registered Doberman breeder in the Toronto Area. As such, the number of spots available to “forever-home” our puppies are quite limited.



  • CKC Registration
  • CKC 4-Generation Pedigree
  • CKC Microchip
  • One DHPP Vaccination
  • Minimum Two Wormings
  • Wellness Veterinary Exam
  • Up-to-date Medical record
  • Ears Cropped*
  • Tail Docked
  • Dew-Claws Removed
  • Placement Contract
  • Five-Year Genetic Health Guarantee**
  • One-Year Congenital Health Guarantee
  • 21-page Kin Doberman Puppy Homing Kit
  • Ear-Posting Assistance
  • Lifetime Breeder Support
  • Two-Week Food Supply
  • Premium XL Foldable Crate
  • Premium Buffalo Leather Lead
  • Premium Buffalo Leather Collar
  • Toys From Litter Box & Bags

* Kin Doberman believes each home should have the choice to get a puppy with cropped or natural ears. The additional cost for cropped ears is $600. If you opt to have your puppy’s ears cropped, we will have it done by our veterinarian at +/- 8 weeks old, puppies will be kept and cared for at least until the ears have dried up and remained infection-free. Ears are posted before going to their new forever homes.

**We are not aware of any other Doberman breeder in Canada offering a Genetic Health Guarantee longer than ours (five years) and we are very proud of it. Please feel free to communicate with us to correct this claim, if applicable.